Our Environment

environmental printroom

Towards a sustainable future

We are multi-award winners for environmental excellence and performance, and aim to make our operation and your print truly sustainable. We use…

  • solvent-free technologies, vegetable oil-based inks and recycled papers and boards, and can use biodegradable fabric for banners etc,
  • 100% renewable electricity to power our site,
  • a low energy lighting system, and
  • an integrated environmental management and quality control system, ensuring high quality print produced in a healthy and safe environment.
  • We also reduce, reuse and recycle wherever possible. Our waste contractors report that 100% of our production waste and 90% of our general, unsorted waste is recycled.

Don’t just take our word for it. We are independently certified by…

Our environmental accreditations and standards, while among the best in the UK print industry, are just the beginning of our sustainability ambitions. We are constantly striving to improve our performance.

Our green products

Whenever possible we encourage our customers to choose the greener option for their print. To this end our litho press uses solvent-free technologies and vegetable oil-based inks, and throughout our operation we use FSC® certified papers and boards.

We offer a range of eco-friendly fabric banners – a particular favourite of Friends of the Earth.

Our environmental statement

There’s much more on our commitment to environmental sustainability in our 2019 Environmental Statement (reporting period 1 January – 31 December 2018).


  • 2015 – Environmental Business of the Year – Liverpool Daily Post & Echo Regional Business Awards – Winner
  • 2015 – Carbon Champion of the Year – Liverpool Daily Post & Echo Regional Business Awards – Winner
  • 2015 – Green Award – Federation of Small Businesses – Winner
  • 2011 – Green Business – Liverpool Daily Post & Echo Regional Business Awards – Shortlisted
  • 2010 – Combating Climate Change – North West Business Environment Awards – Winner